Benefits of Casual Aged Care Work : Flexibility, Skill Development & Personal Rewards

Australia’s health and aged care industry has seen significant changes post-pandemic, with increased demand for flexible workplaces and greater compensation. As a result, many aged care companies are seeking DNA Health’s support and building their casual staffing pool to manage these changes and expectations. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of working casually in aged care and why candidates are making the change to on-hire employment.

  • Make a difference in the lives of elderly residents: Working as a new face and fresh perspective, casual staff in aged care support our elderly residents to build strength, happiness, and ongoing comfort. Caring for our elderly community builds mutually beneficial relationships and interactions, allowing you to make a positive impact in their lives while gaining valuable experience [5].
  • Gain and develop skills and knowledge: One of the biggest benefits of working casually in aged care is the opportunity to gain and develop skills and knowledge. Aged care work can help you improve your self-confidence and communication skills as you interact with elderly residents on a daily basis [1]. You will have the chance to work alongside fantastic management teams and learn from industry experts, while expanding your abilities and gaining transferable skills [9].
  • Enjoy higher pay rates and flexibility: Casual staff in aged care enjoy higher pay rates, higher penalties, and more flexibility. Aged care is not necessarily a 9 to 5 job and can provide you with full time, part time, or casual hours as well as night shifts or rotating rosters [4]. You can choose from a variety of shifts, ranging in duration and frequency, allowing you to create a balanced work roster that is self-managed.
  • Experience the unique advantages of aged care: Working in aged care offers unique advantages that are not found in other industries. For instance, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of elderly residents and their families, which can be incredibly rewarding [3]. Additionally, aged care is a growing industry with plenty of opportunities for career advancement and personal growth due to the increasing demand for qualified professionals [2].
  • Real-life examples and anecdotes: To help you visualize the benefits of working casually in aged care, let us share some real-life examples and anecdotes. One casual staff member developed a strong relationship with a resident, who would always look forward to seeing her smiling face. Another casual staff member gained valuable mentorship from a manager and was able to apply those lessons to other areas of her life [5].

With the industry experiencing significant growth, there are plenty of opportunities available [8].